Nang Rong is simply the nearest town and the most conveniet base to the Phanom Rung Historical Park and can therefore be a convenient place to stay for one wishing to visit Phanom Rung. That said, the fact that Nang Rong does not experience any tourism and is simply a perfectly normal Thai town makes it an interesting place to stay to experience the “real” Thailand. A full range of services and a good selection of hotels make it a friendly and comfortable one.

You can find pick-up or motorbike taxis at Nang Rong Bus Station. The best option to explore this tiny town is by bikes or walk from our place to central area of the town. We are providing pick-up service from Nang Rong Bus Station upon reservation. The transportation arrangements are available to any  tourist attractions like Phanom Rung, Prasat Muangtam and other destinations.

Nang Rong town is an important gateway to many world famous tourist attractions such as Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia or Prasat Wat Pu in Champasak, Southern of Lao. If you would like to overland to Hue, Hoi-An and Danang in Central of Vietnam take the air-conditioned buses leaving directly to Mukdahan a border city on Mekong River bank opposite to Suwannakhet Province of Lao where you can take the express air-conditioned buses to those cities.

 Historical sites in downtown of Nang Rong:

There are several ancient Bhudist temples which constructed during Ayuthaya Kingdom and still remained, good for a day trip or bike tours.

Phanom Rung Historical Park located some 28 km east of Nang Rong District, BuriramProvince. This religions monument was devoted to Shiva, one of the supreme divinities of Hindu religion. Prasat Phanom Rung is one of the most beautiful and important Khmer ancient monument in Thailand.

 Prasat Muang Tam another Khmer temple located 8 kms from Prasat Phanom Rung. This Hindu religion monument was built to hold the religions ceremonies for the surrounding community.

 Wat Khao Augkharn on the top of another beautiful extinct volcano just 19 km south of Nang Rong driving through rice paddies and local lifestyle villages This Buddhist temple is comprise with many pieces of sandstone carving dated back to 8th century. The attractive reclining Buddha image is the main spot and the splendid architecture of the main temple.

 Nong Ta  Kai only 19 km from Nang Rong, the ancient silk Village where you can have a pleasant walking around the village to see or participate with whole process of silk production or do a little shopping from the villagers.