Project Description

Pregnancy Massage

During and after pregnancy a womans body undergoes many changes, some of them stressful and uncomfortable. Massage is the perfect way to reduce stress and promote general well being.

Pregnancy is a time of changes, some eagerly embraced, and others less welcome. Your entire body adapts to the new life growing within you. You also face important life changes at home or at work, with family and friends. You need and deserve support, especially since two (or more!) lives now depend on your health and vitality. Massage is a wonderful way to relax, increase your energy, and relieve discomfort during your pregnancy. The caring touch of massage can help you experience your changing body in a positive, accepting way. Massage can also be something special for you at a time when so much of your attention is on the baby to come. Just taking time out for a massage 
can improve your outlook on life, making everything seem easier during this time of so many changes.

At our spa we are also able to offer the old style Traditional Thai treatment for new mothers who are recovering from child. This treatment involves a gentle massage at the lower back and the pelvis, hips area and feet area, followed by the old style Traditional Thai Herbal Stream Bath. The Thai Herbal stream contains 70 different Thai herbs. These herbs are extremely useful for women’s health and well being.

The benefit of Pregnancy Massage treatment:

  • Helps stress management and relaxation
  • Eases aches and pains
  • Increases flexibility
  • Eases constipation, gas, and heartburn
  • Reduces excess fluid retention
  • Slows the process of varicose veins
  • Reduces headache caused by tension, constipation or buildup of metabolic waste products

It also helps you prepare for birth by;

  • Releases chronic tension in lower back, abdomen or inner tighs
  • increases your awareness of tension, and teaches you to consciously release it
  • Increases your sense of confidence and self-control
  • Helps practicing focus and relaxation breathing techniques during your massage

The benefit of after pregnancy treatment includes:

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps relaxation
  • Improves Sleep
  • Helps pain relief; in the hips, pelvis, back, legs, feet
  • Removes negative emotions
  • Helps recovery after pain labor
  • Helps digestive problems

We recommend that you have this treatment 7 days after birth. And following this we recommend 
7 courses of treatment for 7 days.

We advise that women who have had a caesarean section need to recover for at least 14 days before having any massage therapies !